This Place Is a Tomb

from by qip



The first seismic trace
A long grinding sound
354 feet below the Barents Sea
Torpedo ripped her heart
And sent the second shockwave

Reputedly unsinkable she was
Yet retraced the downward journey
Of many boats before her
No one can say for sure
If anyone from the crew
Could have been saved
At least 23 of the 118 men
Who died aboard
Were alive
When she hit the seafloor

And they tried to break their way through
With pressure rising they knew
They would not stand compression
And they got weaker from the effects
Of carbon monoxide following the fire

The glowing hands of a luminous watch
A tiny spot of light
Allowed him to note
The precise time of his goodbye

"It is too dark to write here
but I will try to do it blindly
It looks like there’s no chance
We broke through to the ninth section
….where are you ?….
And we'll try to get out
Hello to everyone
Do not despair"

A premonition of death before leaving
On the Kursk's last voyage
Made him leave his dog tags
A crucifix and a poem

"And when the time comes to die
Though I chase such thoughts away,
I want time to whisper one thing:
My darling, I'll always..."

"There are no roses on a sailor’s grave
No lilies on an ocean wave.
The only tributes are the seagulls sweep.
And the teardrops that the sweetheart weeps"


from On Ephemeral Substrates, released October 11, 2015



all rights reserved


qip Belfast, UK

qip is a solo project of Maciek Pasinski, an ex-member of Polish metal bands -Sirrah- and TheMANcalledTEA.

Blending cinematic electronica with death, doom, industrial metal.

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